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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 09/16/2020

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 09/23/2020 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
Virtual Zoom Meeting
September 16, 2020

Present: Amy Atamian, Todd Eubanks, Dave Pattee, Kirby Klump, Vanessa McPherson

Also Present: Eugene Burke and Carlos Pavia of Veolia. Katherine Stauffer, WPCC Administrator.

Amy Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM


• To be added to Item 4: Commission Member Comments:
o Ms. Atamian will be preparing an RFP with Ms. Stauffer for the building crack repairs. A site visit will also be scheduled in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines in order to make that happen. With the excess funds from fiscal year 2020, the WPCC will be able to pay for a portion of the repair. Ms. McPherson suggested that maybe the crack should be monitored for growth over the next few months to try to avoid paying for a design package and repair.

MOTION: Approve the minutes from the August 19, 2020 Meeting. K. Klump, Motion. V. McPherson


Health and Safety
Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in August 2020 included:
• Electrical Safety

The project has completed 19 years with no safety incidents.

Noteworthy Operational Information / Maintenance and PM
• Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener.
• Wasted 7,028 gallons of sludge from recycle wet well to the GBT
o There has not been much to waste since the effluent has been exceptionally good lately.
• Power loss due to Hurricane Isaias 8-4 at 2pm – Back on-line 8-6 at 10:30am
o No damage to the plant.
o Generator functioned perfectly.

Regulatory & Compliance
A. There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of August 2020.

• None

• 100 Redding Road – No mark out required

Points for Discussion
• Drum screener quotes from Maher Corp and Fleet
o Mr. Burke has demanded that quotes be sent within the next 5 business days.
• Blower repair – Firm repair date of 9-23 is scheduled
o The repair was supposed to be completed, but all parts were not in stock. The $300 parts rush fee has been waived by Kaeser.
• Boiler fault – Edgerton found ground wire not attached – not power surge
o Edgerton has been to the plant 3 times for alarms and faults. Ms. Stauffer spoke with Edgerton who stated all the issues were different and that the last service was an installation of a ground wire. Ms. Stauffer stated that Edgerton said these issues must have been caused by power surges. Mr. Burke stated that this is not true. All issues began after Edgerton preformed their annual maintenance in February. The Town of Redding has recently switched from Edgerton to Mulvaney. Ms. Stauffer will check with Shaun to see whether the WWTP can join in on the Town’s maintenance agreement. Ms. Stauffer will see if she can get a list of things that Edgerton checks when they perform maintenance.
• Backflow preventer in original plant building – Two more quotes to follow this one
o One quote from Mulvaney and one more quote is still coming.
• Kaeser air analysis – waiting for data 8-12 to 8-31
o Once all data comes in, Mr. Burke will forward it to Ms. Atamian to be discussed at next months meeting.
• SCADA remote access for NIC Systems
o This would be so NIC can get into the SCADA system remotely in case any technical work needs to be done. Frontier is the internet provider. Mr. Burke will be in contact with Ms. Stauffer to make this happen. Ms. Atamian asked about the remote SCADA operation that the Veolia employees have. Mr. Burke stated that this is only for operational purposes and not for fixing technical issues.
• Recirculation pumps – Carlsen has info, waiting on quote
• UV spare parts list to be developed
o The plant needs to have spare parts on hand for the UV system. Mr. Burke is compiling a list with pricing of spare parts. He will forward the list to the commission so expenses can be put aside.
• Wi-Fi extender needed in SCADA Control Building for internet access
• Odor Control Building lock mechanism
• Push bar lock at odor control building is not working. Mr. Burke will be figuring out a fix for the lock and will let the commission know of the cost.

Veolia left at 8:06 PM


MOTION: Pay all bills (except Veolia Monthly – September 2020 $28,671.92 and Edgerton $110.00) totaling $48,449.09. A. Atamian, motion. D. Pattee, second. Approved unanimously.

1. Aquarion Monthly: $238.97
2. Eversource: $5,264.97
3. Frontier: $324.43
4. Hocon: $1,299.46
5. Hocon: $15.00
6. Keough’s Paint & Hardware: $38.68
7. Oak Ridge Hauling: $160.37
8. Office Depot: $79.98
9. USPS – PO Box Renewal Fee: $64.00
10. Veolia Monthly – August 2020: $28,671.92
11. Veolia Reimbursable – July 2020: $12,291.31

o Ms. Atamian stated that there is still $12,000.00 left over from the upgrade to digital. This could be reallocated for the building cracks. Ms. Stauffer said that she would check with First Selectman Pemberton to see what the process for that would be. Ms. McPherson stated that it may be smart to go with Millone and Macbroom’s first suggestion of installing a crack gauge to see if it worsens.
o Ms. Stauffer stated that the collection agency has been staying on top of collections, but due to COVID-19, they have taken a step back. She asked if she could send the 2018 delinquencies to the collection agency. Ms. Stauffer also mentioned that the owner of 58 Redding Rd still has a substantial outstanding balance and the collection agency can ramp up their collection efforts with the commissions OK to increase efforts on all outstanding balances. Ms. Atamian gave permission to increase on collections.


• Ms. Atamian stated that Veolia is still working on a complete equipment inventory including all parts numbers and warranty information. Hopefully, that will be finished in the coming weeks.
• Mr. Pattee announced that he is retiring from his job in Weston. The commission congratulated him on this exciting announcement.




Motion to adjourn: A. Atamian, motion. D. Pattee, second.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28PM
Submitted by Katherine Stauffer