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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 12/16/2020

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 12/28/2020 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
Virtual Zoom Meeting
December 16, 2020

Present: Amy Atamian, Todd Eubanks, Dave Pattee, Kirby Klump, Vanessa McPherson
Also, Present: Eugene Burke, Jeremy Nixon, and Carlos Pavia of Veolia. Katherine Stauffer, WPCC Administrator.

Amy Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:35PM

Page 1, under ‘Noteworthy Operational Information’, second bullet: Change “Waster” to “Wasted”

Motion: Approve the minutes from the November 18, 2020 minutes: T. Eubanks, motion. A. Atamian, second. Approved unanimously.


Health and Safety

Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in November 2020 included:

  • Hot Work and Welding safety

The project has completed 19 years with no safety incidents.

Noteworthy Operational Information / Maintenance and PM

  • Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener.
  • Wasted 14,619 gallons of sludge from recycle wet well to the GBT
  • Generator service is due

Regulatory & Compliance

  • There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of November 2020.


  • None 


  • 5 North Main Street – No mark out required
  • 25 Redding Road – Mark out was completed

 Points for Discussion

  • Drum screener – waiting on quotes from Northeast Water and Kovacs
    • There has been an issue with receiving quotes back in a timely manner. R. Burke stated that when he spoke with Kovacs today, they stated that they have been short staffed due to COVID but hope to have a quote in the next week.
  • Backflow preventer in original plant building – Three quotes received
    • Quotes are not as detailed as E. Burke would like them to be. He has reached out to the vendors and asked for more uniform quotes. K. Stauffer stated that she will help E. Burke put together RFQ’s for things that need to be done. They will also speak with Aquarion to find out what they require in terms of repair.
    • D. Pattee stressed the importance of uniform quotes because there is a quote that includes the flow meters which belong to Aquarion.
    • E. Burke included 3 quotes in this months meeting packet
      • Michael Barrett Plumbing and Heating LLC: $3,739.55
      • Burkstrom Plumbing Inc.: $6,200.00
      • J. Mulvaney Plumbing and Heating: $4,450.00
  • Kaeser Ultrasonic testing completed – five leaks were found
    • The fittings associated with each leak have been tightened. E. Burke stated that the leak sites are being monitored.
    • E. Burke stated that if the leaks are not fixed, he will be trying to get a price lumped in with the compressor upgrade.
    • A. Atamian asked how they know whether the leaks have been fixed. E. Burke said there is no way to truly know, but
    • E. Burke included a quote from Kaeser compressors for $1,815.00
  • Recirculation pumps – waiting for quotes from NE Water and KOVACS
  • Wi-Fi extender needed in SCADA Control Building for internet access
    • E. Burke stated that due to the plant being short staffed, this has fallen to the bottom of the list of things to do but will be taken care of in the coming week.
  • Plant water pumps – waiting for two more quotes
    • An RFQ will be created for a more streamlined quote.
    • E. Burke is waiting on another quote from Kovacs.
    • E. Burke included 2 quotes in this month’s meeting packet
      • Carlsen Systems $4,100.00
      • Northeast Water $7,510.00
      • A+ Pump Service ~$9,000
  • Aeration Level sensors – sent out, waiting for information
    • The level sensor had been sent out last Friday to see whether it was under warranty
    • D. Pattee stated that he thought this had already been taken care of as discussed at prior meetings. He asked why it had taken so long to get the part shipped out. E. Burke stated that they needed to get a contactor on-site to remove the equipment.
    • A. Atamian asked how the plant has been operating without it. E. Burke stated that there are two and this is one that is not working.
  • Air compressor dryer has failed – quote attached
    • E. Burke included a quote from Kaeser Compressors for $2,954.01
  • PAC system is off – marine antifreeze has been run through all lines
  • Compressor upgrade quote
    • Kaeser was at the plant to look at the compressors. J. Nixon stated that when testing the air demands of the plant. The findings of this 30-day study showed that the demand of the plant was higher than the current capacity of the compressors.
    •  D. Pattee asked what is needed for capacity. J. Nixon stated that the compressors are set to each run at 20 CFM when the demand is 32 CFM. This cannot be overrun or changed through the SCADA system. The two compressors are also only designed to run one at a time and cannot make up for the missing 12 CFM by just running another machine; they need to run one on, one off.
    • A solenoid valve currently needs to be replaced. E. Burke stated that is being done in the next day or so.
    • A. Atamian asked for clarification because she thought one of the compressors had been replaced in 2017; E. Burke stated that it was the dryer that was replaced in 2017, also a motor was replaced.
    • K. Klump asked why the compressor issue is coming up now when they have been operating the plant without a problem for 14 years. E. Burke stated that as the equipment ages, more and more parts have needed to be replaced and the units only have a lifespan of 10-12 years.
    • V. McPherson asked why a new compressor would be needed if the leak issue had already been resolved. J. Nixon stated that the old membrane system has a back pulsing sequence which was changed when the Layne membranes were put in. Now, the compressors and membranes do not mesh together like the old ones did.
    • K. Klump asked if the new compressors are overperforming because they are designed with the high flow of the plant in mind. E. Burke stated that he cannot say for sure that this is the case, but in his opinion it is just a case of the machinery getting older and not being able to meet the demand.
    • A. Atamian asked if the upgrade to Layne created a higher demand for the compressors. E. Burke stated that is a good assumption.
    • V. McPherson stressed the importance of having a list of equipment with a plan in place of when things need to be replaced and not be so reactionary from month to month.
    • E. Burke included a quote for one new compressor $11,322.99
  • Burke stated that him and K. Stauffer will be speaking about the Mulvaney quote. He stated that the quote sent may not be broken down enough, so they will be getting a more detailed maintenance plan.
  • Burke brought up the fact that Frontier tapped one of the lateral lines while doing work on Main St. These are not looked at when doing a CBYD. He will be speaking with Doug Hartline to get a map of all the laterals within Georgetown.
  • Atamian asked E. Burke for clarification on the October 2020 reimbursable.

Veolia left at 9:15 PM


The WPCC scheduled to hold a special meeting on December 30, 2020 at 6 PM via Zoom. K. Stauffer will be sending out the agenda.


MOTION: Approve all invoices (except Veolia Monthly December 2020 $28,671.92) totaling $46,809.14. T. Eubanks, motion. D. Pattee, second. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Aquarion Monthly $240.46
  • Eversource $5,709.29
  • Frontier $321.27
  • Hocon Gas $15.00
  • State of CT Boiler Invoice $160.00
  • TaxServ Capital Services $521.74
  • Veolia Reimbursable $11,009.09
  • Veolia Monthly – November 2020 $28,671.92


  • Atamian stated that Millone and Macbroom are still looking for building notes from the 2006 phase 3 construction. K. Stauffer has been in touch with C H Nickerson, GLDC, and Tighe and Bond to see if they have any records.




Motion to adjourn: V. McPherson, motion. A. Atamian, second.

Meeting adjourned at 9:46 PM


E. Burke:

  • Contact Aquarion regarding specifics of repairs needed for the backflow preventer and meter replacements
  • Prepare standard RFQ’s for needed repairs, working with Veolia procurement as needed. Bidders can choose to bid on one repair item or multiple items as a package deal.
  • Things to get quotes on:
    • Backflow preventer
    • Plant water pump
    • Drum Screener
    • Recirculation Pumps
    • Aeration Level Sensors
  • Provide Finalized Equipment List

A. Atamian:

  • Prepare draft capital and operating budgets before 12/30 special meeting.
  • Contact Millone and Macbroom RE: report status of construction notes and confirm CBYD for borings.

K. Stauffer:

  • Create form for RFQ’s
  • Check to see what compressor component was replaced in 2017
  • Coordinate with Shaun Donnelly regarding Mulvaney Mechanical maintenance contracts
  • Schedule special meeting for budget review, and confirm important dates with Steve Gniadek

Submitted by Katherine Stauffer

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