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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 02/17/2021

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 02/25/2021 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
Virtual Zoom Meeting
February 17, 2021

Present: Amy Atamian, Todd Eubanks, Dave Pattee, Vanessa McPherson, Kirby Klump

Also, Present: Eugene Burke, Jeremy Nixon, Carlos Pavia, and John Oatley of Veolia. Katherine Stauffer, WPCC Administrator. Julia Pemberton, First Selectwoman.

Amy Atamian called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM


Page 3>Aeration level sensor bullet>change last sentence to: “Naugatuck employees changed it out at no cost to the Town.”

Amend motion: “Approve the Barrett quote to replace the backflow preventer for $3,739.44.”

MOTION: Approve the minutes as amended from the January 20, 2021 meeting. T. Eubanks, motion. D. Pattee, second. Unanimously approved.


Health and Safety

Veolia Water monthly safety training topics conducted in January 2021 included:

  • HazCom: What You Need to Know
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance

The project has completed 20 years with no safety incidents.

Noteworthy Operational Information / Maintenance and PM

  • Weekly power washing of the on-line primary drum screener
  • Wasted 8,974 gallons of sludge from recycle wet-well to the GBT.
  • Organics and inorganics backwash cleaning was completed.

Regulatory & Compliance

  • There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of January.


  • None 
  • None

 Points for Discussion

  • Aeration level sensor- warrantied unit has been reinstalled.
    • Running perfectly
  • Back up level sensor failed.
    • Now that the replacement has been installed, the backup unit failed.
    • A quote for the newer style level sensor has been given for ~$1,000. The newer style will give fewer erratic readings.
    • The plant was only without a level sensor for one day. A. Atamian asked what the ramifications for being without a level sensor was. J. Nixon stated that there was production lost and the wet-well was raised. He stated that 16 loads had to be hauled away to get the wet-well back down. They then used that opportunity to do a dip cleaning of the membranes.
    • NIC would do the installation of the new level sensors.
    • There would be to functioning level sensors alternating usage so one is not running consistently.

MOTION: Approve purchase of a new backup level sensor. D. Pattee, motion. T. Eubanks, second. Passed unanimously.

  • Discussion: V. McPherson asked if there would be a warranty on the new level sensor. E. Burke stated that there should be a 2-year warranty on the new piece of equipment.
  • Air leaks have been repaired – utilized Veolia maintenance personnel.
    • There has been no change in the performance of the air compressors; they are still not shutting off to be in standby.
    • Kaeser will be out in the next week to do preventative maintenance on equipment, J. Oatley stated that they are going to try to get another leak test done for no charge.
    • J. Oatley stated that he wants to be sure there are no more leaks in the system. From there they will begin to determine whether the Kaeser air compressors and Layne membranes do not communicate well with each other.
    • Discussion followed.
  • Air Compressor status after repairs
  • Compressor dryer
    • Still waiting on quote from Kaeser
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Load removal
  • Influent pump
    • Influent pump that failed in June has yet to be replaced. There was a spare in stock.
    • Pumps are currently 14 years old; their life span is 8-10 years.
    • V. McPherson asked if there have been any alarms going off for the pump and whether conclusions can be made from them. E. Burke stated that there have not been alarms going off on that.
    • Pump is going to be pulled up to see if there is an obstruction in the propellors.

Other Discussion:

  • A. Atamian stressed to Veolia the importance of making sure quotes are coming in in a timely manner for crucial items at the plant that need maintenance or replacement. J. Oatley stated that the procurement team has been helping to get more accurate and reliable pricing on things that need fixing. V. McPherson stated that it may be more beneficial to as companies to do a package deal which may be more appealing.
  • A. Atamian asked if NIC ever gained remote access to the SCADA system. J. Oatley stated that NIC needs to agree to the terms and conditions along with the security measures.
  • E. Burke, K. Stauffer, and J. Nixon will be filling out the permit renewal application for the NPDES Permit next week. There is a $650 application fee to be paid with the package.
    • MOTION: Approve $650 expenditure to the CT DEEP for permit renewal. V. McPherson, motion. D. Pattee, second. Passed unanimously.
  • J. Nixon stated that the wireless internet is still not great in the SCADA building. K. Stauffer will reach out to the Town’s IT department to try to get a WIFI extender installed.


  • J. Oatley presented Veolia’s new maintenance management system which will keep a complete catalogue of all equipment at the plant along with the maintenance schedule for everything.
    • The Town of Redding WPCC will have access to this system to plan for larger capital expenses.
    • The migration to this new system will begin in the next month or so. J. Oatley stated that there will be an asset manager assigned to the Town of Redding WWTP.

Veolia left at 9:03 PM


MOTION: Approve and pay all invoices as listed below subject to fund availability. T. Eubanks, motion. V. McPherson, second. Approved unanimously.


  • Aquarion Monthly: $598.42
  • State of CT DEEP – Permit Renewal: $650.00
  • Eversource: $5,268.06
  • Frontier: $326.63
  • Hocon Gas: $15.00
  • Hocon Gas: $1,426.75
  • Oak Ridge Hauling: $160.37
  • Little Blue Construction: $967.50
  • Veolia Monthly – January 2021: $29,171.53
  • Veolia Reimbursable – December 2020: $11,081.73


  • Little Blue Construction: $95.00
  • SLR International Corporation: $181.60
  • Veolia Monthly February 2021: $29,171.53
  • Veolia Reimbursable January 2021: $12,448.32

MOTION: Request transfer of $85,000 from the Board of Finance. A. Atamian, motion. T. Eubanks, second. Passed unanimously.


  • K. Stauffer got 3 quotes for snowplow services for the remainder of the season at the WWTP. J. Pemberton stated that the Town of Redding Highway Department should just continue to do the snowplowing for the remainder of the season. She stated that she will have a conversation with Jeff Hanson as there are more things being asked of the highway.
  • SLR did not include the information about their follow up visit in their invoice. They also have yet to send an invoice for the phase 1 study. K. Stauffer will reach out to SLR regarding this.
  • Do not pay the $95 bill from Little Blue Construction as this is for the storm after he quit via phone call with K. Stauffer.


  • SLR found that there were no cracks in the foundation of the SCADA building and that nothing else other than monitoring the cracks would need to be done. he also suggested that the cracks in the pavement be sealed. K. Stauffer will reach out to the highway department in the spring to set that up.
  • D. Pattee asked J. Pemberton who is responsible for maintaining and making sure the brownfield land behind the plant is cleared. J. Pemberton stated that the Town will be responsible for this.
  • D. Pattee asked J. Pemberton if she read the article about Branchville wanting to expand and tie into the Redding WWTP. She stated that Branchville cannot expand their housing and commercial without sewer. She stated that the Town of Redding is open to working with Branchville but must always put Redding first. The Town of Redding must see what will happen with the wire mill before any expansion of the district can begin.


  • J. Pemberton stated that the Town of Redding now owns the entire GLDC property.
    • The Town will be collecting all the existing rents on the property. All the rents will go into a special revenue fund which will help to offset the cost of owning the property.
    • The property has been accepted into the Municipal Brownfield Liability Protection Program so that the Town will not be held liable for the contamination on the State and Federal side.
    • The Town of Redding must confirm all the remediation that has been done so that when it comes time to continue development, they can pick up where they left off. J. Pemberton has applied for a $200,000 grant to have this study done.
    • There will be a committee set up with members of multiple commissions in Town to drive the process and keep all commissions abreast to any progress.


Motion to adjourn: K. Klump, motion. V. McPherson, second. Approved unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 10:02 PM


  • Compressor system
    • Review compressor requirements from GE & Layne specs.
    • Schedule Kaeser maintenance and leak test.
    • Provide recommendations regarding compressor/dryer/tank to meet demands. Due next meeting.
  • Influent Pump and Recirculation Pump
    • Veolia Naugatuck staff to inspect/repair pumps, or work with procurement to quote replacement.
  • Drum Screen
    • Get quote from Kovacs. Provide cost comparison from available quotes for March meeting.
  • Capital Planning
    • Software Screenshots J. Oatley to provide additional information (i.e., Screenshots) of the capital planning module for the new asset management system.


  • Building crack:
    • Katherine to follow up with SLR biller re. invoice.
    • Amy to follow up with Kishor re. update to report to reflect 2nd inspection and advice on repointing/sealing.
  • Katherine to meet with Eugene to fill out and complete permit renewal application. Due to DEEP March 4, 2021
  • Katherine to reach out to contractors that put bids in for snowplow services to inform them that the highway department will be completing the remainder of the season.

Submitted by Katherine Stauffer

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