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Minutes of Zoning Board of Appeals, 06/21/2016

AGENDA: Zoning Board of Appeals

RECEIVED 06/23/2016 10:58am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

JUNE 21, 2016—7:30 P.M.

Beth Williams, Chairman
Henry Polio, Secretary
Scott Smith
Noel Cooke

Absent:  Bruce Given

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 pm.

Ms. Williams noted that Application 16-06-01 for 49 Putnam Park Road will not be heard due to request from Applicant’s attorney, Neil Marcus of Cohen and Wolf P.C., to postpone the matter until the July meeting.

Ms. Williams explained to the applicants that while a quorum was seated (4 members), any decisions made will need to be unanimous. Applicants have the option to postpone until the next scheduled meeting if they wish.

Upon the Motion of Mr. Cooke and second of Mr. Polio, the February 16, 2016 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes were approved (3-0) by the Board.  Mr. Smith abstained.

Application 16-06-01 – 49 Putnam Park Road – Owner: Zbigniew Tunasek (Map #8 & Lot #3):  Appeal of letter issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer on April 16, 2016.  Requesting a variance to reduce side yard setback 12’ feet for a 24’ x 28’ Shed/Storage Structure.  Section 4.6.5 of the Redding Zoning Regulations requires 40’ feet side yard setback.  Variance requesting is 28’ feet.

Appeal not heard; postponed until July 19, 2016 meeting.

Application 16-06-02 – 62 Picketts Ridge Road – Owner: Ryan and Shauna Yeager (Map #11 & Lot #125):  Requesting a variance for front yard setback for 34’ feet and side yard setback for 33’ feet to build handicap accessible entrance ramp.  Section 4.6.5 of the Redding Zoning Regulations requires 50’ feet front yard setback and 40’ feet side yard setback.  Variance requesting front yard 16’ feet and side yard 7’ feet.

Mr. Ryan Yeager presented the Application to the Board.  Mr. Yeager explained that last year he and his wife adopted two children from China; one child is disabled and will not be able to walk creating the need of a handicap accessible ramp.  Mr. Yeager presented a photo of the house to the Board.  He stated that the proposed handicap accessible entrance ramp will provide access for the child to and from the school bus.  Currently, there is not enough room to do an in-house elevator, and, instead, a vertical platform lift will be installed.  The roof line would be extended over a porch and ADA accessible ramp.  Ms. Williams inquired as to when the house was constructed.  Mr. Yeager indicated it was constructed in 1959 and he noted there are wetlands on the property.  Ms. Williams asked if any letters were received in support of the project from neighboring properties.  Mr. Yeager indicated that no letters were received; the State of Connecticut is the abutting property owner.

Mr. Polio remarked that from the proposed design it appeared to be an elaborate porch design rather than a required ramp.  Mr. Yeager explained that the ADA requirement is one foot of ramp length for every one inch drop and why it is the length noted.  Although the ramp to the right side is uncovered the front side will have an extended roof line to cover the vertical lift to protect the child in inclement weather from the house to the driveway.  The key elements driving the design and the width of the ramp are the sum of the two spaces, the stairs and vertical lift.  Ms. Williams asked if the lot was a 1-acre parcel and if there were wetlands.  Mr. Yeager confirmed it was a 1-acre parcel and showed the Board on the survey the area of wetlands in the rear of the lot.  Mr. Cooke inquired what is in place from the concrete pad at the base of the ramp out to the driveway.  Mr. Yeager explained the intention is to install a path from the base of the ramp out to the street for access in the event the driveway is not passable, i.e. snow.  Mr. Cooke asked if a generator was considered; Ms. Williams noted there is a generator on the property.  Mr. Cooke asked if the house was being re-sided during the ramp installation.  Mr. Yeager indicated that currently the house has a plastic cedar shake shingle application and the plan it to just patch as necessary.

Application 16-06-03 – 64 Cross Highway – Owner: Susan E. Lockwood (Map #22 & Lot #110):  Request a variance to Section 3.8(b) of the Redding Zoning Regulations to move curb cut to improve sight lines.  New Drive will have sight line 175’ feet to West.  Variance request is to reduce 250’ feet requirement by 75’ feet.

Ms. Susan Lockwood presented the Application to the Board.  She explained that she contacted the Planning Commission for the steps required to change a curb cut due to Cross Highway being a scenic road.  Ms. Lockwood applied to the Planning Commission for relief to move the curb cut 8 feet to the West and an increased 18 inches in height.  She explained that at the hearing there was concern over life safety issue and Ms. Jo-An Brooks, Land Use Coordinator, hired the Town engineer, Milone & MacBroom.  The engineer’s analysis determined the change in curb cut would improve the sight lines from where it is currently located.  The Planning Commission approved the application and indicated that the Zoning Board of Appeals would need to review.

Ms. Lockwood indicated that the dwelling is an 1830 home on a long lot, one of the original 1661 sub divisions.  She has lived there for nine years but voiced ongoing safety concerns as drivers do not follow posted speed limits which creates a hazardous situation on leaving her drive and entering the road, especially to the left.  She indicated that clearing of some trees and brush has helped somewhat.  Ms. Williams noted that the change in the curb cut would benefit not only the safety of the homeowner but other drivers as well.

Mr. Polio remarked that he did a site visit and understands the concern of the Applicant with the marked difficulty of limited sight line.  A letter in support of moving the curb cut to improve sight lines was presented to the Board from adjacent neighbors at 60 Cross Highway, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scholl.  Ms. Williams read the letter into the record.

Upon motion of Mr. Smith and second of Mr. Cooke, the Board voted to enter deliberative session at 8:00 p.m.

Application 16-06-02 – 62 Picketts Ridge Road – Upon motion of Mr. Cooke and the second of Mr. Smith, the Board voted 4-0 to approve the variances requested of 16 feet in the front yard for a setback of 34 feet and 7 feet in the side yard for setback of 33 feet to build a handicap-accessible entrance ramp.

Application 16-06-03 – 64 Cross Highway – Upon motion of Mr. Polio and the second of Mr. Cooke, the Board voted 4-0 to approve the variance requested to Section 3.8(b) of the Redding Zoning Regulations to move the curb cut to improve the sight lines for safety reasons.  The new drive will have a sight line of 175 feet to the west.  The variance requested is to reduce the regulation requirement of 250 feet by 75 feet.

Upon motion of Mr. Smith and second of Mr. Cooke, the Board voted to exit deliberative session at 8:03 p.m.

The Board voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:04 p.m.

These minutes have not been approved by the ZBA.

Submitted by klg 6/23/16