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Summer Camp

The Redding Park and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of camps once again this summer.  Our goal for this summer’s camps include creating memorable experiences that reinforce what you as a parent value.   At camp we value: friendship, personal growth, respect for others, diversity, fitness, trying new things, fun, and safety.

All Park and Recreation programs are open and accessible to all. We will make reasonable accommodations to address the special needs of our participants.  Did you know if you sign up for a half day specialty camp held at the RCC you can come to Day Camp too?  Well, you can!  Just sign up for both camps and pay only 75% of the Day Camp fee.  Park and Recreation staff members will escort your child to and from their camps.


The single most important person responsible for making your child’s summer camp experience a special one is his or her camp counselor. Our counselors understand how important the summer camp experience is for your child, many of them are former campers! They take part in a staff orientation prior to the start of camp where our camp goals and expectations are clarified.

Important Registration Information

You may register online up until the Wednesday before you start camp.  You may register in person on Thursday at the Park and Recreation office by 5pm, provided you have all necessary forms.  Without all completed forms you will not be permitted to sign up for camp.

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Please take note…

You may register online March 1 or on the printed camp registration form listed above. If you have any problems registering, contact our office and we get back to you and help you register.

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Here is the “calendar” in chart form of camp offerings and dates.

Date Camp Grade/Entering/Age
6/20-6/23 Sky Hawk Multi Sport – pg. 24 Ages 7-12
6/20-6/23 Mini -Sky Hawk Multi Sport* – pg. 24 Ages 5-6
6/26-8/11 Day Camp K-6
6/26-6/30 Lego Camp* AM Ages 5-7
6/26-6/30 Lego Camp* PM Ages 7-12
6/26-6/29 Chef Camp* Grades 3-8
7/10-7/14 Bo Staff Martial Arts Camp* Grades 3-9
7/10-7/14 Travel Camp week 1 Grades 5-10
7/10-7/13 Tennis Camp* Ages 3-16
7/10-7/14 Paint, Draw and More Ages 5-13
7/17-7/20 Chef Camp* Grades 3-8
7/17-7/21 Travel Camp-week 2 Grades 5-10
7/17-7/21 Paint, Draw and More Ages 5-13
7/17-7/21 Pickleball Camp-pg. 24 Grades 3-5
7/24-7/28 Lego Camp* AM Ages 5-7
7/24-7/28 Lego Camp* PM Ages 7-12
7/24-7/28 Pickleball Camp Grades 3-5
7/31-8/3 Chef Camp* Grades 3-8
7/31-8/4 Travel Camp-week 3 Grades 5-10
7/31-8/4 Baseball Camp* Ages 7-13
7/31-8/4 T-Ball camp* Ages 3-4
7/31-8/4 Sky Hawk Multi Sport Ages 7-12
7/31-8/4 Mini -Sky Hawk Multi Sport* Ages 5-6
8/7-8/11 Travel Camp -week 4 Grades 5-10
8/7-8/10 Tennis Camp* Ages 3-16
8/7-8/11 Soccer Camp* Ages 5-7
8/7-8/11 Soccer Camp* Ages 8-14
8/7-8/11 Soccer Camp Ages 8-14
8/14-8/18 Basketball Camp* Ages 7-13
8/14-8/18 PE Games Camp Ages 3-4
8/21-8/25 Broad Sword Forms Martial Arts Camp* Grades 3-9




Camp Schedule is subject to change.

*Half Day Camps