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Open Gym

RCC open gym Schedule

Monday, June 21 – Sunday, August 29

Currently, fully vaccinated adults do not need to wear masks to participate in our open gyms. Masks are still required indoors for youth and unvaccinated adults.

In an effort to create a more open Community Center, we have made youth open gym times for grades 5-12 FREE TO ALL RESIDENT YOUTH.  This summer, we offer two free youth only open gym times on our schedule and one combined youth / family time. High school students over 18 attending the designated adult gym times must pay the adult drop in fee. Family gym times on Saturdays and Sundays are also free but parents must be here to play with their children. Saturday’s combined gym time can be used by families and by those in grades 5-12 without a parent. As you probably know, many of the gym hours during the afternoon and evening are occupied by Park and Recreation classes, camps, community sports groups and outside rentals. The gym is also available for adults to bring their children during the day on many weekdays. Just give us a call and we’ll let you know when you can come down since schedules change.




Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


High School/

Middle school Open Gym







High School/

Middle school Open Gym

5:30 -7:30pm





Combine Family time and High School/ Middle school

Open Gym






40+ Basketball



Open Volleyball

All ages

(11- Adult)


Adult Open Basketball




Adult Open Basketball

18 yr +

7:30 – 9:30pm



Family Only


11:00 -2:00p


The RCC Gym will be closed on:  July 4-5 and August 30 – September 22

for The MTL Bookfair and gym resurfacing


 Daily Fees                                                   Unlimited Use Passes

Resident Adult              $5.00                                                                     Resident           Non-Resident

Non-resident Adult        $7.00                       Three Month Adult                   $30.00              $60.00


All participants in open gym programs are expected to conduct themselves in a cordial, respectful and non-violent manner. The town will not be held responsible for any medical costs incurred by the participant. Should the site supervisor need to remove a participant for any reason, they will lose their open gym privileges.  Open time is designed for people to come down and find people to play with and therefore organized teams are not permitted to use this time as practice.


Click here for Open Gym times.