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Open Space

The Town of Redding has long been committed to preserving open space.  Working in partnership with the Redding Land Trust and other conservation organizations, and with funding from federal and state governments, Redding has preserved almost 4,000 acres from development.

In addition, Redding contains Huntington State Park, Putnam State Park and part of the Centennial Watershed State Forest (2,500 acres; formerly water company land). The Town is known for the beauty of its woods, fields and streams and over 60 miles of walking trails.

The Redding Planning Regulations require subdivisions to provide open space as part of their approval process. The Town Open Space map is available for review in the Old Town House Building.

The volunteer Redding Trail Tenders help to maintain over 60 miles of hiking trails in the Town of Redding. To get involved with the Trail Tenders, please contact Stuart Green at 203-938-4020 or Jere Ross at 203-938-2650.

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