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Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Redding Tennis Court Rules

Click here for a copy of the rules that are listed below.

Tennis Courts at RCC

The tennis courts are scheduled to be replaced this summer provided the budget referendum passes in May. Please be aware of the cracks before starting play. Use of the courts are solely the responsibility of the user and the Town will not be held liable for your decision to use the court in their current condition

The 4 tennis courts at RCC are available for use on a first come first served basis by residents and their guests. We ask that people limit their daily use to 1 hour if someone is waiting for a court. No court reservations are required or accepted. Park and Recreation has lessons planned seasonally and occasional special events. We will post those dates at least a week in advance.


We have a combination of lined courts for Pickleball.  We have lines on the existing tennis nets as well as a few courts that are laid out in double courts that require use of the portable nets.  The nets are stored in the blue storage box outside the fence.  For access to the portable nets, you will need to be placed on the Pickleball Net list by contacting the Park and Recreation office where your name and contact information will be confirmed. Once you are placed on the list you will be given you the combination to the storage box.  We will notify residents on the list when the combination has been changed.  Please let us know if you need instructions on setting the nets up.

Tennis Lesson

Information about Tennis lessons and Tennis Camp programs will be announced in our Spring brochure which will be out by the beginning of April.