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Redding Health Advisory as of December 7, 2020

Redding Health Department

Public Health Advisory

COVID-19 Resurgence


In the 8 months since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Redding, the community has had over 180 positive cases. The cases from this past November have almost tripled from the previous month of October, and contact tracing has revealed that human behavior is still the main driver in transmission. Any gathering for whatever reason has the potential to spread the virus.

The full impact of Thanksgiving won’t be known for at least another week or more because the incubation period for COVID is 14 days and then there are lags in the reporting process. And on top of the yet to be known impacts of Thanksgiving travel and gatherings, the positive numbers are expected to rise continually into February. This reinforces the need to be careful when out in public taking care of necessities, because these are interactions that we can’t always control.

See for more data.

Region 9 Schools

Region 9 schools will remain in distance learning through December 23rd and plan on returning on January 4th. It is a proactive rather than a reactive approach. Region 9 School Superintendent Dr. Harrison stated the “determination of the learning model (hybrid or in-person) will be communicated prior to the return from winter recess and will be made based upon the health metrics at that time.” Dr. Leibowitz, Redding’s Director of Health, has advised that in his personal experience over the last couple of weeks, there has been significant increase in COVID disease in the region, and he anticipates that it is only going to continue to worsen over the coming weeks. This concern is consistent with those expressed by most reliable experts in the fields of epidemiology and infectious diseases.


The Vaccine

Governor Lamont’s office said the first doses of vaccine are expected to arrive in less than two weeks and will initially go to health care workers, nursing home residents, and first responders. It’s a tiered distribution plan and other priority groups (yet to be finalized) will also be included. Sometime in the late spring the vaccine will be distributed to everyone who wants it, including those under age of 18. Health officials have stated the vaccine will be available at no cost, including to those who do not have health insurance.

The Pfizer vaccine will go to hospitals due to the required ultra-low storage temperatures (-94F). Generally speaking hospitals (although not all), have the freezer units capable of maintaining the needed temperature.

The second vaccine in line for FDA approval is from Moderna which can be stored at normal freezer temperatures. Both vaccines require a second dose 28 days after the first.


Department of Public Health Commissioner Gifford said by summer the state will have a better idea whether to consider reducing some of the COVID restrictions and added that getting back to some semblance of life as we know it depends on how many people take the vaccine and how effective it is.


The CT Department of Public Health recommends the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR). To date it is the most accurate and is considered the “gold standard”. The PCR test is the test to use in all COVID situations, meaning whether someone simply wants to get tested, or is thought to be asymptomatic or symptomatic, or when having been deemed a contact of some who tested positive. Results for the PCR test usually takes 2-5 days. While waiting for test results one must stay home to prevent possible spread.

The antigen test provides quicker results, however, it’s less sensitive and is more apt to come back with false negatives and positives than the PCR test.The antigen test, when used, is best when demonstrating symptoms.

Where to Get Tested

The Greater Danbury Community Health Center – walk up & drive up – visit their website for their testing calendar at 203-456-1413 – 120 Main St Danbury

CVS 7 Durant Ave in Bethel drive up – by appointment – testing prioritized 866-389-2727 or 203-794-9500 or visit the website

You can also consider a home COVID-19 test kit that can be purchased off the internet. Be sure it’s a PCR test and double check to confirm results will be acceptable for situations requiring test oversight for clearance, such as work, school, or travel. This test is best for personal use.

Redding Health Department