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Redding Health Advisory as of January 12, 2021

Redding Advisory

The State of Connecticut COVID-19 vaccination clinic operation is a phased response process issuing vaccine using a priority system. We are reaching the second shot portion of Phase 1a which includes healthcare professionals, emergency responders and those in long-term and assisted care facilities. The State is slowly transitioning to Phase 1b this January18. Phase 1b includes those who are age 75 and up, a priority group. Additional Phase 1b groups will be phased in afterwards.

Vaccine Distribution

Our greatest limitation will be related to supply chain matters, which are largely out of our control. The vaccine is being distributed from the Connecticut Department of Public Health in a measured way as they receive it themselves. Pending vaccine availability it is estimated that Redding clinics will most likely be starting up in February, and will be held at the Redding Community Center.

Data Base

At this time Redding is developing a data base for those who are eligible to sign up to be vaccinated. It will be accessible on the Town of Redding website ( Phase 1b (75+) & 1c (65+) residents will be asked to sign up in advance to be placed in the vaccine data base. To not miss the announcement of when it’s time to sign up to register in the data base, residents can currently sign up for “news & announcements” at to receive email notices and advisories such as this automatically.

Other Vaccination Options

Anyone can attend any open COVID clinic that allows you to do so. It is not required to attend clinics in your home town. After January 18 we will be providing a list of alternate ways to sign up to be vaccinated.

On Thursday January 14 the governor’s office plans to provide a website for those who are eligible to visit, and a phone number they can call to help them set up an appointment if they’re unable to do it on line.

Also the CT Department of Public Health announced they will be providing a way for those 75 and older to go online and register to go to any COVID clinic being held in the state. It will be in VAMS, which stands for Vaccination Administration Management System… more on that to come.

Be Aware of Scammers

It is likely that scammers will take advantage of the situation and try to extract personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. from vulnerable individuals. Please aware that these vaccines are being administered free of charge.

A Challenging Process Requiring Patience

As governor Lamont stated, “We’re doing this carefully, just so we can measure the flow-in. There are only so many vaccines. Please be patient. We’re going to get this the best we can”.

There will inevitably be glitches. The Connecticut Department of Health and the Redding Health Department are working as quickly as possible in order to get the process up and running.

Doug Hartline, RS Health Officer
Dr. Lawrence Leibowitz, Director of Health