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Renew Your Dog License Online!

June is dog licensing month, and dog owners can take advantage of an easier way to renew.  As of June 3rd, 2021, residents can renew their dog license and securely pay fees by charge card online at

In order to renew online, you must have previously registered your dog in 2020 (you will need to enter last year’s tag number) and the rabies certificate must be up to date.  If your dog’s rabies has expired, the updated rabies certificates can be emailed to  Once the record is updated, you will be able to renew online.  Please note there is an additional charge of $2.30 per dog licensed online ($1.75 service fee and $0.55 postage).  After processing by the Town Clerk’s Office, the license and tag will be mailed to you.  

This is for renewals only – new dog registrations must be done by mail or in person at the Town Clerk’s Office.  For a new dog, complete a dog license application (click here).  The application, along with proof of neuter/spay if applicable, current rabies certificate and check for the appropriate fee ($8.00 for neutered/spayed or $19.00 for male/female) can be mailed to the Town Clerk, P.O. Box 1028, Redding Center, CT 06875-1028 or be delivered in person to the Town Clerk.

Questions? Call the Town Clerk’s Office at 203-938-2377.