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Update from Redding Health Department – April 16, 2020

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April 14, 2020

Redding COVID-19 Update

We are saddened to report that three Redding residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have passed away. Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones. The current total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Redding is 35.

We are reminded that we cannot drop our guard and must continue to “Stay Safe, Stay Home”. This virus is demonstrating that none of us are exempt from illness and that social distancing and social separation must apply to everyone. At this time it’s best to assume that anyone anywhere could be infected and to act accordingly with precautions. This virus is much more transmissible and has ten times the mortality rate of seasonal flu. Households with a tested positive family member have found it challenging to live under the same roof and not spread the disease to others.

Since there currently is no vaccine, distancing is the primary tool we have to break the chain of transmission. Distancing includes not getting together with other people, working from home, and staying away (at least 6 feet) from others, especially while taking care of essential shopping needs. If we all distance effectively, the end result will be that we can think about getting back to some degree of normality sooner than later.

Important Reminders

Residents exposed to a potential or confirmed COVID-19 case are asked to self-isolate for 14 days to ensure COVID-19 is not spread to others If you develop a fever and symptoms such as dry cough or difficulty breathing, the first thing you do is stay home and call your doctor for advice before going anywhere. Doctors are now using telemedicine which is becoming a mainstay. Based on your symptoms and other information you provide your doctor will determine if you meet criteria for COVID-19 testing. Those who need immediate medical assistance should call 911.

Persons with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms may discontinue isolation only if they have been symptom free for at least 3 days (72hrs). Symptom free is defined as resolution of fever without fever reducing medications and improvement with cough and shortness of breath, and at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Information Sources

Governor Lamont has put out a thorough FAQ document that will most likely address questions that you might have. It can be found at:

Redding information can be found at:

The CDC website is at:

Connecticut Department of Public Health site is at:

Once again, we must “Stay Safe, Stay Home”.

The Redding Health Department

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