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Voting News from the Registrar of Voters

Voting News

-July 28, 2020 is the deadline for new voters and for unaffiliated voters to enroll in a party to vote in it’s primary online or by mail**

-For new voters, a mail in application must be submitted to or postmarked to by the Registrar of Voters by July 28th.

-For unaffiliated voters, the mail in application to enroll in a party, must be received by (not merely postmarked) the Registrar of voters by this deadline.

-The Registrar of Voters office will be accepting new applications for enrollment into a party as well as party changes from unaffiliated into a party until 12 noon on August 10th in person at Town Hall.

-You must register into either the Democratic or Republican Party by the above deadlines to vote in primary on August 11th.

-There will be no election day registration on the day of the Primary.

Important Information for 17 year olds!
If your birthday is before November 3rd, 2002 and you are registered in a party that is holding a primary, you are eligible to vote in that party’s primary on August 11th, 2020. * You must register before voting*